Bail Bonds How It Works

Bail Bonds How It Works

Bail Bonds: How They Work

Bail bonds allow your friends and family to bail you out of trouble.  When you get locked up it is helpful to have someone that can bail you out of jail.  Getting bailed out of jail is incredibly important if you have a family, job, or other priorities to tend to.  Bail bond agencies will collect a percentage of the total bail amount as premium.  This premium is what is paid to the bail agency as payment for the service of putting up the bail bond with the county courts.

The next step in the bail process is to arrange to pick up the defendant from jail once the bail agent has posted the bond for you.

Let’s run down the process in bullet points:

  • Call us,Tiny’s Bail Bonds at 866-742-0764
  • The agent will ask for some specific information such as:
    • The arrested individual’s full legal name
    • The person’s date of birth
    • The county, city,and state where the person’s being held
    • The booking number,if available
  • Next, a down payment will need to be paid
  • Wait for the jail to release the person you are bailing out

The process might take a little bit of time.  Jails have a tendency to take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours.  You have to remember that jails are usually very busy due to the amount of arrests made on a daily basis.  The number of arrests can be staggering if you took a look at the analytic on crimes.  Thousands of people are arrested every day, and that is just in California.

To learn more about bail bonds, please contact Tiny’s Bail Bond online or at 866-742-0764.