How Much Does A Bail Bond Agent Cover?

How Much Does A Bail Bond Agent Cover?

How Much of a Bail Does a Bail Agent Cover?

Let’s start with the amount a judge determines for a person’s bail.   A judge will often set the bail amount pretty high for most people, usually several thousand dollars.  The amount is usually determined by considering several factors.

  • Severity of crime
  • Previous criminal history
  • Defendant’s ties to community
  • Defendant’semployment
  • Family residingin area

The high cost of bail is why most people hire a bail bonds agency.  The bail agent will pay the full amount of the bail so you can be released from jail.  You must meet all of your agreed terms with the bail bond agency, and the court, to continue to stay out of jail.  The main benefit of having a bail agent, is they cover the full bail price, but you only have to pay 10% of the bail.  Bail agents make their money from the premium, which is the 10% that is not refundable.  This is what you pay to be released, instead of sitting in jail waiting for court hearings.

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