Are there Limitations Of Traveling While On Bail

Are there Limitations Of Traveling While On Bail?

Are there Limitations Of Traveling While On Bail?

Yes, there can be limitations to traveling while out on bail.  These limitations depend on the terms set by the court.  There are a few different levels of restrictions for travel while out on bail.  Some examples are:

  • The defendant can go out of the state and country.
  • The defendant is only allowed to travel to a few select states.
  • The defendant cannot leave the state in which he or she lives.
  • In extreme cases, the defendant cannot leave the city where he or she lives.


In some instances, the judge can set your bail terms to allow you to leave the country or state.  Depending on the severity of the crime, the judge can make it so you have no choice but to stay in town.

If it is a criminal case involving harmful acts, it is probably smart not to request to travel.  In the majority of violent cases, the defendant cannot travel, if they even get the ability to bail out of jail.

Your main priority while out on bail should be your court case.  You should simply push back your travel arrangements to a date after your last court appointment.

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