A Bail Bond Indemnitor's / Guarantor's Responsibility

A Bail Bond Indemnitor’s / Guarantor’s Responsibility

A Bail Bond Indemnitor’s/ Guarantor’s Responsibility

Who is an indemnitor/ guarantor?  He or she is usually a friend or family member of the defendant who agrees to indemnify the bail agent against a loss.  As the indemnitor or guarantor, you are responsible to the court and the bail agent for the defendant’s release terms and conditions.  The indemnitor/ guarantor takes full responsibility for the defendant’s appearance in court, and is often asked to put forth collateral or security to guarantee the appearance in court.  If the defendant fails to comply with the agreement, this can cause a forfeiture of the premium payment, as well as the pledged collateral and result in the defendant being taken back into custody.

So, to break it down for everyone to understand.  If you are going to co-sign for a defendant, make sure you are on their tail to make sure the defendant behaves and meets all of the requirements of his or her release.  There are ways to talk with your bail agent to remove your name from the agreement if you feel that you can no longer trust the defendant.

If you want to find out more on what you can do as co-signer/ indemnitor/ guarantor give us a call.  An operator at Tiny’s Bail Bonds will be happy to help you with questions of this nature.

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