Can Courts Bail Amount Be Lowered

Can Court’s Bail Amount Be Lowered?

Can a Defendant‘s Bail Amount Be Lowered?

Only in rare instances will a judge decide to lower a defendant’s bail.  This is called a bail reduction.  You will need to obtain a criminal defense attorney to speak on your behalf.  The defense attorney will complete the necessary paperwork to request a motion for the reduction of the bail.  However, during this time, the defendant will have to remain stuck in jail until the judge reaches a decision.

This request can be ignored if:

  • The defendant is a known flight risk
  • Thedefendant may pose a threat to others

Here are some things that will help in the consideration of a bail reduction request.

  • The defendant has a good job
  • Family lives in the area
  • Defendant has lived in area for several years
  • Defendant has a minimal criminal record

Getting a bail reduction can save you some money, but it comes at the cost of forcing the defendant to spend more time behind bars. You also run the risk of the judge leaving the bail alone, and therefore wasting your time

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